20 years of Toscana in Tavola

torta rda 20 anni

The dream

On 20 May we celebrated our first 20 years of activity. The adventure of RDA S.r.l. and the brand Toscana in Tavola ® in fact it began in 1997. Up to that moment the Engineer D.ecio Iasilli had collected numerous personal successes and satisfactions in the field of information technology and innovative technologies. However, his dream of transferring the many experiences gained in IT in a sector that is very much tied to tradition, only materializes thanks to the proposal of a friend: prof. R.occo Pompeo, in fact, involves him together with TOOther friends in the project to restore an artisan gastronomy company in difficulty, based in Castellina Marittima.

Thanks to the intuition and skills of the Engineer, the goal is achieved in a short time. Given the potential of the project and the interest in the activity shown by his son Luigi, in 2000 it was decided to transfer the production to a factory specially designed and built according to the most modern technologies. Convinced of the importance of local roots, the partners decide to build the new plant while remaining in the municipality of Castellina Marittima, in the locality of Le Badie. This choice also makes it possible to keep the workplace close to all the precious collaborators, true architects of the company's successes.


In the following years, following the exit from the company structure of Prof. Pompeo, the control of the business was consolidated in the hands of the Iasilli family. The business is developed thanks to the continuous search for improvement of products and production methods, without ever abandoning the characteristic craftsmanship and respect for traditions. With this in mind, in 2006 the company obtained organic certification according to current European legislation. In 2010 the engineer Iasilli passed the helm to his son Luigi while maintaining the position of President. Following in his father's footsteps, Luigi deepens the search for qualitative excellence, focusing more and more on the traceability of ingredients and favoring the short supply chain and organic farming; at the same time it renews the image of the products Toscana in Tavola ® using more elegant packages that strike the eye as well as the palate.

The party

To celebrate this important anniversary, we have chosen a truly unique location: our factory! It seemed right to celebrate here, where everything was born and raised, preferring the environment where we work every day to a place that is perhaps more elegant, but without any connection with our company. Thanks to the collaboration of the I.I.S.S. Mattei di Rosignano we offered guests some tastes of our specialties, served in great style by the boys of the hotel institute, accompanied by some teachers. In addition to the families of all the company staff, many loyal customers and our main suppliers participated in the evening. The evening ended with the traditional cutting of the cake naturally entrusted to the founders who, on the occasion, finally revealed to everyone the mysterious meaning of the company name RDA, acronym of R.occo D.ecio ed TOlters.

To involve our loyal consumers in the celebrations, we will soon offer special promotional conditions for the online purchase of all products. Toscana in Tavola ®



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