This is why we only use chopped meat for our meat sauce

A discussion between husband and wife, a group of friends, men who love cooking. You decide the context. The object is the ready-made meat sauce. There will be supporters and skeptics; who will consider them practical and good and who will regret the scent emanating from a sauce that boils in a pot for hours.

With these few lines I do not pretend to convert the skeptics. I would just like to try to convey at least an idea of the care, commitment and quality that characterize the preparation of the Toscana in Tavola branded meat sauce every day. From the most classic ones such as the Ragù alla Toscana and the Ragù di Selvaggina, to the recovery of almost forgotten recipes such as the Fake Sauce and the White Meat Ragù. The range of products is wide, the pillars at the base of the realization of our ragù are instead few but fundamental cornerstones resulting from twenty years of experience.

The careful selection of raw materials starts from the choice of meat, mainly of Italian or local Tuscan origin, which we buy in pieces and not ground. It may seem a technical and not very relevant aspect, but it is simple to understand and of fundamental importance. In most cases, pre-packaged minced industrial meat contains chemical additives used to revive its color and slow down the oxidation process. The purchase of already minced meat would be more practical, but it would be difficult to identify the real quality or type of meat (if beef, pork, etc.) and to evaluate fundamental characteristics such as the ratio between the lean part and the fat part.

We have decided to invest some more energy, both economically and in terms of time, by purchasing only chopped meat. Only in this way can we guarantee a quality selection. And for an excellent final result, we use in the meat sauce recipes only Italian tomato and extra virgin olive oil without adding preservatives.

The most skeptical and nostalgic try to open one of our jars of meat sauce! An incredible perfume will be released, intense and delicate at the same time, the result of one meticulous craftsmanship that keeps alive ancient recipes of the Tuscan tradition. Ready to taste? You just have to choose your favorite sauce in the section dedicated to Ragù and meat sauces.


(The article is actually by Virginia Pasquinelli and was published on the old version of the site on February 27, 2017)