Legumes: the best with Toscana in Tavola

The period of the big binges is over and, as expected, many are plagued by guilt for the extra pounds that still hit the scales. So, at least for a while, we will all try to be faithful to the good intentions of the new year: gym, long walks, healthy food, detox programs. And precisely in the name of good and healthy nutrition, let us remember how important is a conscious consumption of food. Green light to a balanced diet that includes daily fruit, vegetables, cereals, milk and yogurt followed by a weekly consumption of fish and legumes (about three times).

Among the vegetable foods with the highest calcium content, low in fats and a very rich source of vegetable proteins, legumes are great allies for the health of our body. Due to the long soaking and cooking times, it is often difficult to reconcile their consumption with the numerous commitments that fill increasingly hectic days.

We'll take care of the time needed for the preparation! Toscana in Tavola offers you a wide range of ready-to-eat legume-based products. We carefully select only Italian legumes from organic farming, in many cases of local Tuscan origin.

The classic industrial processes involve cooking the dry legume directly during the sterilization phase. Toscana in Tavola, on the other hand, responds to the best artisan standards with a long and accurate manufacturing process.

After a night of soaking in fresh water, the legumes are boiled in a pot with the addition of simple smells such as sage or rosemary. Just like you would in your own home. And, to best preserve the consistency of the raw material, every single jar is filled by hand by the cook and her staff. The last phase, that of sterilization, is carried out only with the aim of guaranteeing the preservation of the product over time, without the use of harmful chemical preservatives!

A lot of passion, a pinch of patience and high quality raw materials allow you to savor all the intensity of the taste of the legumes of the Toscana in Tavola line.

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(The article is actually by Virginia Pasquinelli and was published on the old version of the site on January 26, 2017)